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10 years experiences only do one thing-Truly Wearable Camera.,We focus with our Mission “Hands-Free, Digital Sports, Healthy Life” since 2007. Professional Quality unique Products, private mold in the world. 
Engine is aim is to maximize customer satisfaction in quality, cost and delivery.
We are a professional manufacturer of Digital sports items such as Ultra HD Smart sunglasses video recorder, WIFI Ultra HD Sports video camera eyewear, Sports Action Camera, Wearable camcorders etc in China and specialize in the research and development, manufacturing and marketing of first-class Smart Hands-free Digital sports items etc, With years of experiences in Electronics products field, we have exported our products to worldwide.

Engine has set the standard for imaging performance, innovation and style in the realm of glasses embedded cameras.
Engine products are ideal for outdoor sports, extreme sports, sports and watch, hunting, fishing, riding, military and police and other professional purposes. End users benefit from having the opportunity to look at the world from their own perspective, even if only ten seconds. From strengthening the online content to share the authenticity and self, completely let the "end" of the attitude to become an outdated. To capture a large number of native images, than before with a mobile phone, professional video camera to get much more interesting. "Do not like the past in order to pursue the meaning of shooting away or to shoot and lose experience"

Most of our products have got CE, FCC, RoHS, FDA, Water Resistance, Waterproof etc certificate. we are as professional manufacturer to provide efficient PMC production management control,extended technical support,strict QA inspection and timely delivery, we are confident that all our products will meet or exceed your quality requirements.

Our Strict QC System
Our items are our own private design with private mold,With best solution,
we use the most advantage ROHS BGA workmanship for the main board in the field. We use the best materials
from the famous bands suppliers in the field, lower power high performance components,Only the best materials are used in the frames- Grilamid@TR90TM.

We perform a strict QC system from incoming materials to production
to finish cargo 100% full set tests:
1)performance aging tests, 4 cyclings charging/recording/computer tests, 24 hours aging tests, drop test etc
2) IQC->IPQC->FQC->OQC 100% full tests each steps.
3) our inspect QC do 100% double inspection before shipping

Our suppliers
We have many years of experience in supplier management, each supplier is the industry is most professional quality suppliers.

Our Team
Our research and development in Shanghai, with many years of product development experience, the products are unique to the world; in Shenzhen manufacturing factory most employees in the security field has more than 7 years of experience. Here, every angel employee is working hard to make the product stable and friendly to use, so that the customer is satisfied with Engine.

Our Mission
engine strongly believes that we will keep long-term relationship and consideration with our customers, to be their best partner. engine will always be committed to be a leader in Innovation, High Quality and Fast Delivery and Accurate Responsiveness to all customers globally, to be a leader and a partner that translates the security needs of our customers across the world, into a challenge, and to supply solutions that leverage advanced technological solutions, with an approaching of a long-term growth and a profitability.

  • Email:  cindy@enginehk.cn,

  •              sales@enginehk.cn

  • TEL: (86)755-81718893 or 81780086
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